Reimagining our workplaces

Positive Business, Positive Results: An Open Invitation The term ‘positive business’ refers to the application of this vision to the world of business — the belief that organizations can be reimagined to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Everyone has moments of greatness that stay with us for years, but why is it that those instances seem so … Read moreReimagining our workplaces

Six Essential Ways to Build a Positive Organization

When you look around your office, do you see a positive organization that fosters growth, expansion, and engagement, or the opposite? Recently, I connected with Chris White, Managing Director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organizations, and Adjunct Faculty at the Ross School of Business, for his take on how we can create positive organizations … Read moreSix Essential Ways to Build a Positive Organization

“As we grow, how do we keep our soul?”, with Whole Foods Co-CEO Walter Robb

There is a saying in Buddhism, that life is a never-ending cycle of praise and blame, gain and loss, fame and disrepute, pleasure and pain. Last year, they were the hottest thing on Wall Street, but 2014 has been a trying year for Whole Foods Market. About 18 months ago, I had the pleasure of … Read more“As we grow, how do we keep our soul?”, with Whole Foods Co-CEO Walter Robb

Leadership Lessons from Barack Obama’s Favorite Deli

Earlier this year, I caught up with Zingerman’s Co-founder and CEO Ari Weinzweig. In a fun and wide-ranging chat, we discussed the Natural Laws of Business, building ecosystems for healthy growth, taking the long-term perspective, rewiring for personal change, and making leadership personal. Here is the full video!

The Opportunity of Management

Managers sit at a juncture at which there lies great opportunity for positive contribution in the world. Our managers make a disproportionate difference in our happiness, engagement, and performance at work. As we look back on our careers so far, almost all of us can point to a teacher, mentor, or manager whose skillful commitment … Read moreThe Opportunity of Management