Changing Your Company From the Inside Out

How do you create positive change without authority in organizations? Jerry Davis, Kevin Thompson and I provided the closing keynote at the 2015 Positive Business Conference at the Ross School of Business. The talk is based on the book Jerry and I wrote, and Kevin’s experience in helping to start IBM’s Corporate Service Corps. You … Read moreChanging Your Company From the Inside Out

Beyond Engagement: Thrive At Work

A few years back, my friend Michael was a successful student here at Michigan Ross. With a winning personality, work experience at a top Internet company, and an advanced degree from a prestigious business school, Michael had his pick of post-graduation employers. He decided to join a prominent West Coast tech company, and was seemingly … Read moreBeyond Engagement: Thrive At Work

The New Face of Corporate Activism

  From the Arab Spring to the protests in Baltimore, social movements have become a pervasive feature of contemporary society. Moreover, activists are increasingly targeting companies and even nonprofits. Although this environment creates new challenges for business, it also presents an opportunity for social intrapreneurs to change their companies for the better, from the inside … Read moreThe New Face of Corporate Activism

The Traits of Socially Innovative Companies

In this article adapted from their new book, Jerry Davis and Chris White explore what makes some companies more fertile for social innovation — that is, the ongoing (rather than one-off) initiatives that have positive social impact while promoting the core mission of a business. While there are some factors that make social innovation more likely than … Read moreThe Traits of Socially Innovative Companies

7 Smart Strategies That Will Cure Your Fear of Public Speaking

Got stage fright? Reframe what you expect from a speech, and your attitude about it will change as well Does the prospect of speaking in front of a live audience make you nervous? If you’re human, the likely answer is yes. In surveys, people routinely report public speaking as their number-one fear–ahead of their fear of … Read more7 Smart Strategies That Will Cure Your Fear of Public Speaking

The Allure of Intrapreneurship

All talent professionals greet the annual Gallup Engagement figures with some interest and curiosity. Increasingly, though, I have noticed a little less engagement (pun intended) with the numbers in recent years. It seems that the issue is so big, complex, and intractable that it is easier to just be sadly aware of its existence, than … Read moreThe Allure of Intrapreneurship

Reimagining our workplaces

Positive Business, Positive Results: An Open Invitation The term ‘positive business’ refers to the application of this vision to the world of business — the belief that organizations can be reimagined to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Everyone has moments of greatness that stay with us for years, but why is it that those instances seem so … Read moreReimagining our workplaces

Six Essential Ways to Build a Positive Organization

When you look around your office, do you see a positive organization that fosters growth, expansion, and engagement, or the opposite? Recently, I connected with Chris White, Managing Director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organizations, and Adjunct Faculty at the Ross School of Business, for his take on how we can create positive organizations … Read moreSix Essential Ways to Build a Positive Organization